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Lubec Cemetery
Lubec, Washington County, Maine

Cemetery: Lubec Maine - Settlers Cemetery
Sign: No
Street: Across the street from Water Treatment Plant, turn right just before the bridge over to Campobello Island, New Brunswick, CA
City: Lubec
Township: Lubec
County: Washington
State: Maine
Zip: 04652
lat_ns: N
long_ew: W
Status: Abandoned
Size: Small
Directions: Route 189 in Lubec, Maine Take the first right before going over the bridge to Campobello Island- located in the tall grass on the water side across from recycle and water treatment plant.
Type: Road-public
Location: Surburban
Terrain: Level
Watersource: Yes
Features: within wild rose bushes with prickers and very tall weeds
Property: Public
Access: Open
Enclosure: None
Gate: None
Established: earlier than 1816
Gravestones: ? 5-7
Oldest: unsure
Newest: unsure
Removed: No
Relocated: No
Repairs: Unsure
Methods: Adhesives
Restoration: No
Association: No
Records: Unsure
Inventory: Unsure
Landscaping: No
Paths: No
Trees: No
Crypts: No
Fencing: No
Brickwork: No
Ironwork: No
Sculpture: No
Fountains: No
Roads: No
Buildings: No
Cement: Unsure
Granite: Unsure
Marble: Unsure
Native: Unsure
Slate: Unsure
Others: Unsure
Wood: No
Materials: No
Architectural: Unsure
Angels: Unsure
Draperies: Unsure
Fraternal: Unsure
Hands: Unsure
Lambs: Unsure
Monograms: Unsure
Plants: Unsure
Photos: Unsure
Religious: Unsure
Scrollwork: Unsure
Urns: Unsure
Carvings: Unsure
Condition: Cemetery in danger of destruction
Unmarked: Unsure
Broken: Yes
Toppled: Yes
Disintegrating: Yes
Buried: Unsure
Weather: Yes
Pollution: No
Vandalized: No
Report: Yes
Overgrowth3: Gravestones-Disturbing
GroundCover: Yes
Vines: Yes
Drainage: Good
Problem2: Apathy
Owner: Unknown
Use: Recreational
Bordering: Residential
Change: Unknown
Reason: Housing
Visited: Unknown
Archeology: No
Habitat: No
Contacted: nobody


Thomas Shephard Dorr, Job Harding,


My husband and I were recently on a vacation in Lubec, Maine. We read about a captain and his nephew who died in a shipwreck and were buried where the sea dropped them. There is a picture of a grave in the "Summertime 2003" publication found in the town. It describes the graves being located "across the drive from the Lubec Wastewater Treatment Plant".

We asked for information at the local library...but were surprised to know that local people didn't know anything about this cemetary. One library employee made a call and got some information for us. We were told we could find this cemetary, which included some of Lubec's first Settlers, across the street from the Wastewater and Recycle plants in the tall grass. We searched for about 1 1/2 hours without any success. There are a lot of wild rosebushes with prickers and we got very scratched up. Some areas are so thick with bushes, you can barely walk through them. I was very dissappointed we didn't find them, but we had to head back home to New York State. I found it unsettling that the town didn't care for the graves of some of it's first settlers. I would be happy to send you a photocopy of the article if you'd like one. Thank you for any help you can give.


Lubec Historical Society or Town Hall

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Name: Tracie Miller
Date: 7/6/03

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